Softwave Testimonials

"I had a nagging, first-time case of tendinitis in my elbow. After untold hours of ice, rest and and learning to use my other arm, the pain diminished, but just wouldn't go away entirely. My chiropractor, Dr. Johanning, told me that the clinic had invested in this new machine called the Softwave, and after explaining it's potential benefits to me, I decided to try it to see if it might help. I am a skeptical type but I trust Dr. Jo, and after many months of suffering, I really wanted complete relief. I also learned that major medical centers and pro sports teams are using it, so I thought why not give it a try? I received three treatments with the Software over the course of about nine weeks. I did pay for the treatments, so you know I'm not saying positive things in return for free care! I can truthfully say that the lingering pain has finally resolved. Obviously, results will vary, but I am now a believer in this advanced option for chronic pain relief."

- P. Iampietro

"My left knee was experiencing a lot of pain. Plus my sciatica nerve was inflamed on my right leg. This has been occurring for months. Using SoftWave, both my leg knee and sciatica nerve are much better! I was having to use a walker to get around and now I use a cane when I go out of the house. I have been able to bust out of the house much more and easier! It has greatly improved my life."

"I visited today for the first time to get relief from frozen shoulder, I'm a few hours post treatment and have noticed a difference already. Going to look forward to my next visits to continue this great feeling!! Softwave therapy for the win!"

"Am receiving Softwave therapy for double glute tears and it is going great! I feel better after one treatment! The staff is wonderful and helpful and am excited to have discovered the offer this super specific treatment here. I thought I was going to have to travel out of state for it!"

"I have done the Softwave therapy numerous times on my knees and feet. It has been so helpful to my overuse injuries. It really works!!!"

"Dr. Jo and her team are fantastic and have been keeping me in shape for years now. I recently started taking advantage of their Softwave treatments for planters' fasciitis and the pain is nearly gone. I am so thankful. I would highly recommend CHAWC!"

"I recommend Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center and particularly their Softwave treatment. I have degenerative discs and have had problems for years. I fell six feet off a ladder which made it quite painful to walk for a year. I did Softwave treatments this year and I can now walk a mile. I am very grateful."

"Been having left shoulder pain since Dec. of 2021 which had started to interfere with sleeping. I was referred to CHAWC to get the SoftWave treatment. OMG I'm glad I did! After the first treatment I finally got the first night of complete sleep without having to get out of bed due to pain. I have also noticed an improved range of motion with that arm without a struggle with simple tasks. Dr. Jo explained to me how the Softwave treatment worked with the body. I have always been a believer in the body healing itself and this type of treatment will be beneficial for that healing process."

"The new SoftWave is a miracle!! It has saved my thumbs from years of overuse!"

"The best of the best! Dr. Jo and team have kept me upright for almost 20 years!!!!!!!!!! Just had my first Softwave treatment................WOW!"

"LOVE Dr. Jo!!!! She knew I had gallstones before anyone else!!! And now have tried the SOFTWAVE therapy and it's wonderful!!!!!!!"


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